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Personal Training



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Join our virtual classes today!
Join our virtual classes today!

Personal Training

Our personal training and private lessons are specifically structured for each individual. We focus on weight loss, toning, strength and conditioning and correct training techniques.

Our customised approach means that you specifically get what you need. Whether it’s losing weight or training for a sporting event, we do it all! Our coaches are all certified fitness instructors who can sit down with you and discuss your needs and goals. We have worked with many athletes for them to reach their peak goals, some even performing at elite levels!

One-on-one sessions are available if desired and our 24/7 gym means that the rest of your life doesn’t have to stop because you want to get fit

No more excuses. With us you can have the schedule, training and fitness you have always wanted.

Join our fitness community today. Feel and see the change you have always wanted.


Benefits of Personal Training

  • Get Fit! Get Fit!
  • Set and Achieve Goals Set and Achieve Goals
  • Feel amazing and healthy Feel amazing and healthy
  • Grow physically and mentally Grow physically and mentally
  • Develop discipline Develop discipline
  • Gain confidence Gain confidence
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Virtual Classes

Our online classes are an innovative and effective way to stay fit and strong while in isolation. Take advantage of our updated processes and stay on track, progressing in your martial arts or fitness goals. At SHIRUDO we are staying positive and active and are making it even easier for us to come to you. What are you waiting for? Join us online today!

Virtual Classes

Personal Training



      Personal Training







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                    Join our virtual classes today!
                    Join our virtual classes today!

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